Key messages

Independent national reviews all reach the same conclusion

There have been 3 major reviews of allergy services by:

  • The Royal College of Physicians 2003;
  • The House of Commons Health Committee 2004;
  • The House of Lords Science & Technology Committee 2007).

All agree that NHS allergy services are inadequate and recommend an expansion of the number of both allergy training posts and allergy consultant posts.

The DH Response (Command paper, 2005) was that DH would undertake another review. The DH Review of services for allergy (2006), agreed about the size of the allergy problem and that action is needed to improve allergy services including training more allergists.

The Commons Health Committee Report recommended:

  • Every region should have an allergy centre led by at least 2 adult and 2 paediatric allergy consultants. New centres need to be created in parts of the country where they do not exist. Existing centres need to be strengthened as they often rely on academic funding, lack NHS funding and are not secure.
  • 20 more trainee posts in adult allergy and 20 more in paediatric allergy are needed
  • Improved education in allergy is needed for primary care doctors and nurses

Despite these thorough reviews, little progress had been made: allergy remains under-resourced and neglected and standards of care are still inadequate for large numbers of patients