About Us

Formed in 2001, the aim of the National Allergy Strategy Group  (NASG) is to improve the lives of all people with allergies in the UK and influence Government to improve allergy services across the National Health Service so that all allergy patients receive high quality care with equitable access, regardless of where they live in the UK.  Over time, this remit has expanded and now relates to wider aspects impacting the quality of life of people with allergies and their families.

Specific objectives are: 

  • To develop a joined up National Allergy Strategy for the alliance, and other stakeholders, to implement
  • To lobby for accountable and identifiable representation in relation to allergy services provided by the NHS across the whole of the UK.
  • To improve the provision on specialist allergy care services within the NHS across the whole UK, reducing current geographical disparities, working with stakeholders in devolved nations where required.
  • Increase the number of adult and paediatric consultants trained in allergy; which in turn requires an increase in the number of training posts in the adult (ACI) and paediatric allergy (national grid) training programmes.
  • Increase education and awareness of allergy in primary care, for GPs and other healthcare professionals
  • Ensure appropriate national and local commissioning of allergy services within the new Integrated Care Systems to ensure cost effective and efficient use of NHS resources whilst improving patient care.
  • Work collaboratively with other stakeholders to engage positively with government agencies and influence policy across diverse areas such as food labelling, education and transport, ensuring that the needs of people will allergy are addressed
  • To support our core members in actively promoting the agenda of people with allergies and advocate for them in all areas of society
  • To advocate for increased funding, delivery and dissemination of scientific research into the causes, prevention of and treatment of allergic disease.

The National Allergy Strategy Group (NASG) is an alliance of the professional organisation BSACI (British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), the patient charities, Allergy UK and Anaphylaxis UK. Since its formation in 2001, the NASG has worked, with others, to highlight the need for allergy services; the inadequate care available for allergy patients at all levels in the NHS and to improve NHS allergy services.

The NASG provides the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Allergy co-chaired by Jon Cruddas MP.
You can see the Register of All-Part Parliamentary Groups.