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How the patient charities can help

Patient organisations Anaphylaxis UK and Allergy UK were set up to support, help and educate individuals and families affected by allergic disease. They also offer information to healthcare professionals, the food industry and all other interested parties.

The patient groups’ helplines offer a chance to gain advice which may not be offered elsewhere and in many cases is a chance to offload as staff report an extreme burden of anxiety among many of the people who call. The message conveyed to the allergic population by helpline staff is that allergy can be serious but is manageable. With high-quality information and guidance, those affected can be empowered to manage the condition and protect themselves from harm. See the What Patients Want section of this website for more information on what you should expect from the NHS.

Both charities also offer many other ways to learn more about your allergy and how to manage it in the long term as well as, amongst other things, training packages, support groups and medical information events, social media, fact sheets and up to date research.

They are both very open to donations and offers of help.