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The NASG has a long history of lobbying both MPs and Health Ministers and we believe the most important person in our campaign is you. Your MP works for you in your local area and can, in many cases, be extremely supportive and instrumental in our work to improve NHS allergy services. In order to get involved and show you MP how strongly you feel about the current condition of allergy care please take a moment to send this letter with this latest copy of our briefing paper.

The letter is designed for you to add your own experiences and concerns and can be sent by an allergic individual; a parent of an allergic child; a member of a patient support organisation; a healthcare professional or indeed anyone who cares about the future of our allergy service.

Once the letter has been sent and a reply received we can work together to engage in a useful dialogue. We also keep a list of supportive MPs so are always keen to hear from anyone who has had a positive experience with their MP.

To find your MP you can follow this link:

So don’t delay, show your MP how important this issue is by sending both documents and making sure they are aware of the issues that affect you and your family.

Allergy. Together we can crack it.

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You can find your MP’s details by visiting, where you can enter your postcode for full local information.