New NICE Guidelines

NICE has published guidelines which will give GPs, nurses, community and primary care health professionals and patients clear recommendations on the diagnosis and assessment of children and young people with suspected food allergy.


 Care Pathways for Children

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have launched the first of six Care Pathways for Children with allergy.


June 2014 -

NASG launches new report for 2014: "Allergy: the reality of the unmet need" and we need your help to highlight the issues within. To get involved with this exciting new stage of the campaign, please click here.


NHS Allergy services: what is the problem?

The Facts

  • About 1 in 3 of the population or 20 million people suffer from allergic disease
  • About 7 million people have allergy of sufficient severity or complexity to require referral to a specialist allergist
  • Children and young adults are particularly affected

The Problem

  • Most GPs, and hospital doctors have little or no training in allergy
  • There are only 30 consultants in allergy (specialists) for the whole of the UK
  • Many patients when referred to a hospital allergy service see a doctor trained in another speciality

What Action is Needed?

  • More specialists in allergy (for adults and children) are urgently needed. The specialty of allergy needs to grow.
  • The awareness and understanding of allergy in primary care needs to improve so that more patients can be dealt with in primary care


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